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“Coding with Dr. Emily has really transformed our students in all areas. I've seen students who consistently struggle with academics and/or behaviors truly flourish in coding. Students who are usually too shy to speak or ask questions in class willingly ask questions during coding. They show teamwork and collaboration as they volunteer to help other students, building confidence and leadership skills.” — Jessica Kwa, Taft 5th Grade Teacher

Students are learning basic computer programming while developing their computer skills through our EduCode coding education program.

Coding educator Dr. Emily Thomforde, who has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, teaches students how to develop simple computer games and apps that integrate and reinforce subject material in math, social studies, and English. The weekly classes used project-based learning and meet Common Core Standards. Students are also absorbing lessons in logic and critical thinking that help them in their other classes.

The program also helps to build students’ early identities and confidence as coders, so they can view computer science as a future pathway, and provides teachers with training and tools to integrate coding education into academic lessons.

The EduCode classes are eagerly anticipated by students who love working on computers and the sense of accomplishment that comes from learning a valued new skill.

EduCode includes a professional development component to give teachers the training, tools, and confidence to teach and integrate coding into their classrooms. Teachers also learn how to help students feel confident with coding and how to inspire students to feel that coding is an option for them.

EduCode captures our students’ imaginations, ignites their excitement for learning, and gives them the foundation to pursue future educational and career paths in technology.

Please contact us for more information about how you can help us continue bringing EduCode to all our students.

"What I like about coding is that it is really fun, it is educational, and finally, it is really hard to do" — Dayra, 5th grader, Taft School

Students in EduCode class

Dr. Emily Thomforde and student

Two students learning coding

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