Goals and Values

The Redwood City Education Foundation is the only organization raising funds districtwide to support all kindergarten to 8th grade students in the Redwood City School District.

Our goal is to enrich the educational experiences of our students so they are engaged and successful learners, fully ready for high school when they graduate from 8th grade.

We value the people who give generously of their time, talent, and funds for our students. We put people and partnerships first and recognize that our relationships are absolutely critical to our growth and sustainability.

Our vision for the future sees students, parents, and the community at large all benefiting from our work to improve Redwood City's public schools:

  • Every student is receiving a top-notch education and is achieving his or her potential.
  • Every parent is actively involved in his or her child's education and feels good about it.
  • Every community member—students, parents, teacher, residents, business owner, and employeer—knows about school issues and is positive about the district.
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