2015 Inspiration Award Recipient

Zeke Mead has served as an inspiration to parents at both of his children’s schools and at the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF).

Zeke began his experience as a school parent at Orion School, where he immersed himself in fundraising and encouraged other parents to participate in their child’s education, leading by example.

Three years later, Zeke joined the Board of the RCEF, because he realized that even though our district has 16 schools, we are one interdependent community. At the RCEF Zeke worked to refocus Benefit for a Brighter Future as an inspirational event where student speakers who benefitted from our programs were the main feature. He succeeding in helping guests and sponsors connect the dots: give money and you give hope.

Since 2009, Zeke has been a parent volunteer at North Star Academy (NSA) and was Parent Club President in 2013-14.  Parents find him equally as effective running things behind the scenes or out in front as a leader. He continues to deliver the message that parents need to think beyond the boundaries of their own school yard and help students in other schools across the district.

The downturn in the economy in 2008 was devastating for California’s schools. As the economy sank, Zeke’s volunteer work increased proportionately. While other families were pulling their kids out of public schools, Zeke and his wife, Terri, chose to stay and work with what they had right here in Redwood City. They encouraged other families to stay and do the same.

Those of us lucky enough to have worked with Zeke find him consistently thoughtful, enthusiastic, charismatic, funny, and direct about what it takes to be a part of public education in California in the 21st century. At every opportunity he tells his fellow parents they can make a big contribution to their quality of their child's education by getting involved anyway they can with their time, money, or talent. And most important, he always encourages everyone to work for the good of the district as a whole, because we are one community and we rise and fall together.



Zeke Mead
Zeke Mead
2015 Award Recipient

“When I think about all the different causes I could support: homelessness, drug rehabilitation, job training, family planning... I go with public education, because it solves all the others as well." 

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