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We are one of about 600 education foundations in California started after the passage of Proposition 13 to provide programs no longer adequately funded by the state.

Education foundations offer a unique opportunity for local communities to have a voice in setting priorities in their school district by raising funds to support programs and activities they value for their children.

Many education foundation board members go on to serve on their school board. In 2015 for example, three of five Redwood City School District trustees also served on the RCEF board in the past.

In our school district

Our school district serves around 9,200 students in 16 schools. While our district faces many challenges, the most critical being chronically inadequate funding, achievement scores grow every year, and our district includes three California Distinguished Schools.

The RCEF is the only organization that raises money for all students in our district, regardless of the school they attend or the neighborhood they live in. Because we serve such a diverse population, we can access funds from major donors, who typically want to support targeted groups or have a large-scale impact, and deliver programs that benefit every student across the district. We can also leverage resources and money through economies of scale and partnerships with other organizations to keep costs down and increase our program reach.

We welcome all opportunities to partner with parents and school parent organizations so we can work together even more effectively on behalf of all our children.

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